‘Connected Paradigm Solutions for the Problems of Today’

Breakthrough & Original Ways

Towards a Sustainable & Harmonious Future

for the United Nations,

Governments & Local Government


Corporate Society & NGO’s, Business’s Large & Small


For Central Government the Live Earth GoBac represents probably the most effective way to

· Reduce the National Carbon Footprint to sustainable levels

· Reach, engage with and communicate with in a two way manner with every citizen.

· Reduce the National Environmental Footprint to sustainable levels.

· Transform society into harmonious and working entity.

· Resolve all the fundamental social problems of society in a lasting manner.

· Provide the optimum working format for relating to and affecting other countries and the global situation.

· Provide the optimum working mechanism for establishing Peace and resolving conflicts.

It also has the capacity to generate original working solutions to any problems leading that situation back to harmony.

We feel that the Live Earth GoBaC will emerge as the optimum political and social strategy for any country to move to a sustainable Carbon Neutral and socially harmonious society.

Live Earth Consultancy is available to facilitate, teach and share the operating principles of Live Earth. It is available to communicate the overview of the LEGoBaC to assist its adoption.

It is also available to address and resolve specific problems by applying these principles. It already has a selection of wonderful solutions to offer regarding major problems.

A good example of this is that Live Earth Consultancy is capable of resolving the current stated National and Global conundrum of High Growth and Low Carbon.

We welcome approaches from Government Ministers and officials and are happy to resolve any problems or input into policy development. We also teach the Live Earth approach to enable individuals to become self functioning.  Our main interest lies in communicating the Live Earth Game of Balance & Celebration which we see as the optimum way forward.


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