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Live Earth Game of Balance & Celebration

The Game of Balance & Celebration ( GoBaC) may be played on the personal, family, community, town, region, national, international and global levels as well as the business, corporate, organisational, local government, government and united nations levels.

It is an interlocking ‘infinite’ game that acts to return any situation to balance and harmony in an enjoyable manner.

Live Earth uses the Planetary Common Bond as its starting point, so implicit in all the action that it generates is the awareness of the interconnectedness of all things. It is this underpinning by fundamental reality that creates the sanity and feeling awareness that permeates the LEGoBaC. It also ensures that no insides and outsides are created thereby pre-empting any possibility of separation or exclusivity. This gives rise to naturally healthy situations, indeed we think of Live Earth as an outbreak of good health!

The Live Earth GoBaC is modular in nature with each part fitting with its neighbours to make a greater part. It can also be viewed as a set of Russian dolls in that the separate games also fit inside of each other and form composite parts.

We are not sure but we suspect that this is the only available working format possibility that has the interlocking capacity to reach and speak to every human on the planet and most significantly to make sense to them and engage and connect them.

For fuller details and more complete overview of the Live Earth GoBaC please visit www.liveearthtrust.org.uk and inspect the Game of Balance & Celebration Format page.

We are currently in the process of developing the Corporate, Governmental and Organisational versions of the GoBaC.