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Local Government

At both the county and the town/district levels the LEGoBaC will be the most valuable tool and format for delivering local sustainability. It will be the most effective route to :

· capturing the imagination of the local population and business community and engaging them

· reducing the local carbon footprint to sustainable levels.

· reducing the local environmental footprint to sustainable levels.

· regenerating community and triggering off self motivated citizenship.

· resolving the local social and environmental problems using a wonderful variety of ways to tap local resource.

· generating a new basis for cooperative local society that empowers each citizen and encourages them to take their own responsibility.

· reconnecting the smaller village and parish councils into a vital tier of the action.

· enabling the council to totally fulfil its role and responsibility to the local people and the country as a whole. Even more significantly it will give the local council a new framework of reference for informing and relating to the levels of the Game above them and below them.

· the return of huge local interest in and appreciation of their local political process.

· a return to a sense of local involvement, belonging and celebration of the local culture

We are happy to assist with resolution of problems of all kinds and to input into policy origination. Our main interest is in communicating the Game of Balance & Celebration as a complete package that will then act to optimise the Councils delivery of services and achieve a low Carbon Footprint.