‘Connected Paradigm Solutions for the Problems of Today’

Breakthrough & Original Ways

Towards a Sustainable & Harmonious Future

for the United Nations,

Governments & Local Government


Corporate Society & NGO’s, Business’s Large & Small


A Brief Overview

Live Earth Consultancy arises from the breakthroughs and discoveries of the Live Earth body of work.

At its core lies the direct appreciation and perception that all ‘life on Earth’, whether it is animal, vegetable or mineral, is part of the Earth as a whole. This is of course self-evident and now a matter of primary school education, as it is so obvious.

The identification of this simple starting point has proved to be quite wonderful in the outcomes that it generates.

The fact that this is so, is an observable and experiential reality that is incontrovertible. It is not an ‘intellectual truth’ that generates an opposite or ‘right or wrong’. It simply ‘is’.

Because of this we find that this starting point, ‘the recognition of the interconnectedness of all things as part of the Earth’ acts as a primary reality generator. It is a fundamental reference point and touchstone that cuts through the confusions and dualities of human thought and the social realities that have historically been built up on them and assists them to return to natural harmony.

‘Live Earth’ is the shorthand reference term for life and patterning that is generated from this primary recognition.

As well as life on Earth, Live Earth naturally includes the acceptance of the interconnectedness of the Earth to our galaxy and indeed the whole cosmos and the vast cycles of creation and destruction.

By mixing Live Earth with Play and Games Theory we discovered the working mechanics and dynamics of paradigm shift. This coupled to our research work into Common Bonds and their social function with particular reference to the use of the Major or Planetary Common Bond has resulted in the most wonderful breakthrough. From this has arisen the natural, organic social patterning to assist our human society to not only return itself to a state of working harmony with nature and itself but also to discover collectively a deeper and more genuine sense of purpose and understanding for ourselves as one species among many on this fabulous planet Earth.

What has emerged is the Live Earth Game of Balance & Celebration. This wonderful playful structure can be applied to any or all situations from the smallest to the largest with astonishing results. It brings celebration together with the contemplation for the deepest necessary change in order to effect balance and harmony. It spontaneously generates original and organic solutions to situations. It will work on the personal, family, community, town, region, national, international and global levels just as it will work on the business, corporate, organisational, local government, government and united nations levels. It allows all parts to be free standing and connected and interrelated at the same time. Not only is it capable of returning society to balance in a co creative manner it will also put a huge smile on everyone’s face.

We think of it as the Celebratory Social Software for Sustainability of the 21st Century. Just like on a computer, if you install it then all the functionality to become truly sustainable and live in an honest manner as if we only have One Planet becomes possible.

In the other sections we explore the possibilities for the different sections of Civic and Corporate society. The people based Civil society applications of the Game are handled by the Live Earth Trust which can be viewed at www.liveearthtrust.org.uk . The whole of course is an interlocking of all parts.

N.B. Before you visit the rest of the site we recommend that you first read the brief synopsis of Finite and Infinite Games. This will create a working context for you into which the other information will comfortably fit.