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Paradigm Shift

The very nature of the Live Earth body of work precipitates Paradigm Shift. Given this it is helpful to have a working understanding of what this means.

A simple example of a paradigm is a game. Games are based upon an agreement. For example the game of ‘hide and seek’ has a different agreement to the game of ‘rounders’. Because they have different root agreements they generate different games or ‘paradigms’.

Understanding this is significant.

Examples of social paradigms are Christianity, Buddhism, Communism, football, consumerism, tribal society, local identity etc etc

As we can see they are all based upon an agreement or understanding.

Change the basic agreement and you change the paradigm.

What Live Earth does is somewhat different however.

Part of the breakthrough in the work comes from understanding the function of the Major Paradigm and the Minor Paradigms.

All the social paradigms listed above are all examples of Minor Paradigms and their list is endless. We could also perhaps add to that list the individual sense of reality that each of us operates under!

The Major Paradigm, for people on Planet Earth, is that all humanity and all the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms and the atmosphere etc etc, are part of a whole.

This is the basic reality that underlies the existence of all life on Earth. Unlike the minor human paradigms it is not conceptual it simply is.

The Major Paradigm contains all the Minor Paradigms.

Our image of it is that of a fruit bowl holding the fruit (Minor Paragims)