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for the United Nations,

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United Nations

The Live Earth body of work has many things to offer to the United Nations.

· The simplification, reconfiguration and harmonisation of the Common Bond and root of the United Nations connecting them with every person on the planet.

· The Live Earth Game of Balance & Celebration (LEGoBaC) as the unified and collective mechanism for restoring the global balance between human society and the natural environment. This Game is capable of recovering the Carbon Balance and if Global Warming is indeed of mankind’s making, represents the optimum way to address and reverse it. LEGoBaC is the natural way for One Planet Living to become the global status quo.

· Live Earth contains all the patterning and dynamics required to generate lasting Peace between nations.

· With the establishment of LEGoBaC in a country or continent the Game will naturally act to resolve the social and environmental difficulties in the most efficient and optimum manner.

Live Earth has the capacity to resolve the Global Conundrum of High Growth and Low Carbon.

We welcome approaches from the United Nations and are happy to resolve problems, develop policy and to teach the Live Earth approach.